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IMG_1688Welcome to “My Funky Blog”, I love this part……………….writing, writing and more writing! I adore making things, sewing and planning out my next artsy-crafty project, but I also enjoy writing about those projects and what my inspirations were. This is where I put all my thoughts and dreams down on paper (so to speak). A beautiful place where I can nestle myself down into my imagination……….and think freely. Ahhhh ;-D I’m currently working on a quilt, only my 2nd, for my granddaughter who will arrive in late April. I’m super excited to see her and to see my girls,  Andrea and Kristen…oh and of course my grandson Cole! Ah, what a little energetic munchkin he is…love, love, love him…bunches. I also have an elephant, stuffed, that Im going to make before I take off for the eastern states. This will be for my granddaughter, who’s father loves elephants….so in his love for her, ….I find creativity, thus…an Elephant, grand, beautiful and definitely full of expression. Also working on 2 Waldorf inspired dolls for an Etsy Customer and then a “topsy turvy” doll (it has one side thats awake and one side thats asleep) for my good friend in CA. I have many projects on my plate…but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t have an entourage of people helping me with these endeavors, just me, but thats a good place for now. If it gets bigger, then we will see what’s on the horizon. I love the idea of collaboration for all things creative…so having others join in on the efforts is quite interesting. I have a daughter that loves to crochet…she is amazing, her work is precise and beautiful and so soft, I can’t compete…..I so wish I had her talent. My youngest, works in the computer tech industry, and helps me with the tech issues of being online……I’m a lucky girl, really. Between these two and my grandchildren……………….this should be a rockin’ house!   I’m looking forward to soooo much creativity in the future! Chelle

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