Love, Hearts and Valentines Day

Published February 14, 2014 by funkefragmentz

Happy Valentines to EVERYONE!

Its a beautiful Friday here in AZ!  The temps are at around mid 80’s with the sun shining brightly through the windows.

I’m currently working on 3 dolls a quilt and a stuffed elephant and should get back into the sewing room sometime today. But for now errands and enjoying  the weather are on my agenda.

I haven’t been able to login to wordpress in some time now… of course no posts! I resolved that problem and will be posting the new creations that are in the works shortly. In the meantime…….




On to Another Waldorf Doll..or 2

Published November 20, 2013 by funkefragmentz

I’m in love with making dolls…that’s a definite fact. I go to bed thinking about dolls and what the next one should look like, I wake up and find myself walking straight into the sewing room. I could think of crazier ways to spend my time… but this isn’t one of those things that fits the crazy category for me ;-)though, it’s completely doable and I love it.

This is what I’m currently working on; a 16″ Waldorf and a 5″ Waldorf (mini)…and an Owl. I haven’t decided whether or not the Waldorf’s will be boys or girls or one of each, but they’ll be fun no matter.  I have the heads done on both the dolls and the Owl is only in the thought stage for the moment but I will get him in the works in a just a few moments of time.

I made a Fox a few days ago for my youngest daughter and will send that out to her as soon as the Owl is done, shouldn’t be to long.  And I’m really excited to get the face and body done for the Waldorfs…cause dressing them is a life of it’s own!


for the moment, I’ll take a break from this post and work on the dolls………….I have pics of the beginnings of the Waldorfs but for some reason they don’t want to show their faces! Literally!

I’ll be back…


Ps, that’s Zandar, he’s my Elf…very handsome!


Published November 18, 2013 by funkefragmentz

Wow, its been a hectic  month or so…..I’ve been moving my youngest out of state and my grandson too!  Not because I wanted too…. 😦 :You raise them to be independent (verdad?) 

ok back to making crafty things 😉

Finished off with my Waldorf dolls and then yesterday I made a “fox” for my youngest (who just moved), she loves foxes for some reason. I think they’re cute too! This little guy is adorable, measures about 20+ inches in length and is a Simplicity pattern #1549. I made a few changes.. as I usually do, and added a scarf and boots to him! 

Im working on another Waldorf inspired doll next! can’t wait to show you all ……

An Artists Day Off…..

Published October 18, 2013 by funkefragmentz

Having a day with my beau…Mario, We are high school sweethearts and met again at our 40th reunion last year ;-). He lived in Seattle and I lived in Arizona when we met again and now its been a year since then.

We are having the time of our lives…so fortunate to find someone to share my life with and visa versa.

Gracias mi amor,



Waldorf Doll in a Dragon outfit…

Published October 15, 2013 by funkefragmentz

I’ve just completed the Dragon Outfit for Mr. Cole’s Waldorf doll. This doll measures 9′ and is button jointed, It’s made with all organic materials for the body and stuffed with organic wool. Image

I had a great time working on this doll for my grandson Cole who is 11months now and absolutely enjoying playmates!


I’ve used a pattern from Joy’s Waldorf Dolls/A Child’s Dream and a basic sleeper pattern for the outfit. I added a hoodie and a tail and of course scales/spikes! which was a freehand drawing. I really enjoyed making this little cutie for my grandson Cole and can’t wait to deliver it to him tomorrow. He’s just recently started playing with “stuffies”…stuffed animals and the like. I started this doll about 2 months ago as well as the full size doll that I posted earlier for a little girl named Averie. I delivered the precious little munchkin on Friday and Miss Averie received her baby later that day via her grandma (who commissioned her). I’ll post a pic of Miss Averie with her Waldorf baby soon!


I have a velcro closure to attach and an elastic to secure and this sweet baby is ready to go….

HAVE A BEAUTIFUL EVENING….sweet dreams of baby dragons and precious baby doll faces 😉






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