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Baby Cole’s Quilt

Published June 29, 2013 by funkefragmentz

coles quilt 7
This is my first quilt and having a great reason to make it was the energy boost I needed……I now have my first grandchild, a boy named Cole! Cole is now almost 8 months old and this comfy, cozy quilt was ready for him just in time.
coles quilt 8
This being my first quilt I went the inexpensive route with a small template and disappearing ink pen. It does take a bit longer, but not much and the end result is the same.
coles quilt 5
I went to a specialty quilt store, called Quiltz-here in Phoenix, AZ, with my youngest daughter (who was the expectant mother) and picked out some fun fabric that was as she had specified “not to babyish, more little man!)
coles quilt 6
These are some of my favorite toys. I used a chalk marker for the darker fabrics and a disappearing ink pen for the lighter, they both worked wonderfully.
578344_313079118789736_1909351506_ncoles quilt 3
I did some surfing on the internet for videos on quilting and found one that had safety pinned the quilt backing and batting to the front. This worked great for me and saved time also.
coles quilt 10
I used my machine to quilt the blanket and tried out some fun designs while I at it. I even spelled out his name on some of the lines as well as put in a few stitched doggies!
coles quilt 12
This is the final result with a nice checked binding to match and all tied up (with some extra binding in a bow) and ready to be delivered (pun intended)to the Baby Shower!
coles quilt 16
Well that’s my adventure for today, I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you.

Michelle aka Abuela to my grandson Cole!

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