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A Few Pictures are Worth a 1000 Words

Published March 8, 2014 by funkefragmentz

I’ve finished my oldest daughter’s quilt and delivered it! I did not take pictures of the finished product, I was so busy getting it done and packed to take to her for her baby shower that somehow it was overlooked. I’ve asked her to take some pictures for me and she’s promised to do just that. 

I do have pictures of the 2 latest Waldorf inspired dolls to post. They are a boy and girl pair that are 9 inches and customized to be similar to the sweet brother and sister that are adopting them. 

I’m on to making some doll clothing combinations to post in my Etsy store and should have them soon!






I’ll be working on an elephant also with this pink and grey fabric for my new granddaughter who will be here in April, I can’t wait!

I’ll be back soon, 



On to Another Waldorf Doll..or 2

Published November 20, 2013 by funkefragmentz

I’m in love with making dolls…that’s a definite fact. I go to bed thinking about dolls and what the next one should look like, I wake up and find myself walking straight into the sewing room. I could think of crazier ways to spend my time… but this isn’t one of those things that fits the crazy category for me ;-)though, it’s completely doable and I love it.

This is what I’m currently working on; a 16″ Waldorf and a 5″ Waldorf (mini)…and an Owl. I haven’t decided whether or not the Waldorf’s will be boys or girls or one of each, but they’ll be fun no matter.  I have the heads done on both the dolls and the Owl is only in the thought stage for the moment but I will get him in the works in a just a few moments of time.

I made a Fox a few days ago for my youngest daughter and will send that out to her as soon as the Owl is done, shouldn’t be to long.  And I’m really excited to get the face and body done for the Waldorfs…cause dressing them is a life of it’s own!


for the moment, I’ll take a break from this post and work on the dolls………….I have pics of the beginnings of the Waldorfs but for some reason they don’t want to show their faces! Literally!

I’ll be back…


Ps, that’s Zandar, he’s my Elf…very handsome!

Averie’s Waldorf Doll- COMPLETE !

Published October 8, 2013 by funkefragmentz

Just put the finishing touches on Averie’s Waldorf doll and I just love her!


I have been working on this little munchkin for over a month…learning all the ins and outs of an organic “Waldorf” doll. I’ve had some trials and some triumphs as well…but I loved learning about a new style of doll.

The Waldorf doll is of Russian origin and dates back to 1919. Also known as a Steiner doll, named for the originator Rudolph Steiner…a teacher and philosopher.

These beautiful yet simplistic dolls were fashioned so that the facial features were minimal, allowing the child to attach it’s own personality to the doll. The natural materials that were/are used to make the Waldorf doll take on the scent of the child and household,  making it always very familiar to the child that plays with it.

I’ve had a great time making this doll and love the new methods that I’ve learned….I definitely have plans for another sometime in the near future…..ahhh grandchildren 😉 the best reason for sewing!



Quilt Tour-Rally in The Valley

Published October 2, 2013 by funkefragmentz

The Quilt Tour is now come to a close but what a great time we had visiting all the beautiful shops on the “Shop Hop” list.


I purchased a few items along the way…just couldn’t resist this memory! The Pokey Little Puppy was one of my favorites as well as a favorite of my 2 girls and now it will be a great memory for my grandson Cole. It only took a few hours to put together and that was with the help (using this word lightly haha) of my favorite furry friend Ms Sophia. She loves to help me with threads and pieces of material, taking or batting these items while I’m trying to sew! But I love her for hanging out with me while I indulge my material senses.

I also bought a seam ripper that has a fun little gripper at the end of it for pulling out the loose threads, less stress on the fingers. And another fun little handy dandy tool was a pack of fuzzy, flexible sticks meant to get into tight places-like the feed dogs and such. I wanted to buy just about everything that I laid eyes on but the budget was not going to say yes to my fabric fanaticism this month. I’ve just moved and the purse strings are a little tight a the moment ;-0. 

But I do know where all these great shops are now so I can visit them anytime in the near future!

I’ve also been working on a Waldorf doll for a dear friend’s grand daughter…Averie. I knew it would be a challenge but what’s creativity all about if it’s not a challenge right?


This is where I’m at right now, it’s been several weeks that I’ve been working on this fun little munchkin (in between all the packing and moving). Learning all the in’s and out’s of sewing with this type of organic cotton was fun, sometimes a little frustrating, and a great learning experience. I ended up buying 2 patterns from 2 different doll makers, both were extremely helpful. Joy’s Waldorf dolls from “A Child’s Dream Come True” and also Lali Dolls were the providers of these fine patterns.

I’m now waiting on a Mohair wig from Kemper doll supplies in Chino California. This cute little wig will be the finishing touch for little Averie’s Waldorf doll, Averie is now 2 yrs old and is the cutest doll herself. So as I wait I will be making a few diapers and outfits for Averie’s baby…the fun part!


some fun prints that I picked up yesterday……


Waldorf dolls are a fun process, this one is button jointed……Image

and tying the head is a bit more fun when you have a strong hand (my guy) to help tie it! I suggest gloves either way!


tying and sewing the head to the body…..


I’ll leave you with this precious little face until I get back…..


Heavy Baby Waldorf Doll

Published September 1, 2013 by funkefragmentz

Heavy Baby Waldorf Doll.

I have of late been completely obsessed with the Waldorf style dolls and their organic nature. I’m in the process of making one for my grandson Cole at the moment, it will be a dragon baby! Not as crazy as it sounds, really, but it will have a dragon outfit to wear..kind of a sleeper style. And then on to make a Waldorf doll for a very special little girl who’s birthday is coming up September 22nd!

In my search for inspiration I ran into this amazing website called Urth Child. They make a realistic baby doll, I’ll let you read the specifics, that mimics the weight and feel of a real baby. It’s scented with lavender, quite comforting to children and adults too. It is also organic which is the basis of Waldorf dolls and the appeal to mothers!

Take a look over at urthchild.com for more great ideas and products.



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